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ESPN College GameDay has worked with United Future for the past two football seasons to keep college football fans engaged during the week, between games. After a hugely successful 2010 Facebook launch, we updated our two College GameDay apps in order to maximize fan involvement on a daily and weekly basis. We have upped the ante on the Lee Corso Mascot Head application, so now the fans with the best photos of themselves bedecked with their favorite mascot can be winners, as well. Weekly winners receive CGD prizes, and the final season winner will have the unique and covetable grand prize of a mascot head created of their very own head. Seriously.

The Saturday Selections app, which pits users against the GameDay guys and a set of celebrities each week, has an active user base of fans who have created groups and are trash-talking with each other regularly. At the end of the 2011 season, 25 winners will be anointed the most psychic football fans of the year.

The success of the 2010 Facebook fanpage launch and apps has been significant, with over 65 million impressions generated through posts, comments and taunts since September 2010. College football season seems to bring out the fan in all of us.